M30 100 users enterprise router

หมวดหมู่สินค้า: IP-COM
รหัส : M30
100 users enterprise router
ราคา 2,450บาท

แท็ก: RouterIPCOM

18 มกราคม 2567

ผู้ชม 447 ผู้ชม

  • Smart bandwidth management, enabling you to set management policies based on user group and time group
  • Manageable network access rights with WEB, PPPoE and other authentication methods
  • Support IPsec, PPTP, and L2TP VPN, creating a VPN network quickly
  • Support multi-bandwidth access, up to 4 broadband lines at the same time
  • Support switching between Router Mode and AC Mode, achieving more professional networking
  • Support fast roaming, load balancing, intelligent channel adjustment

M30    Overview

M30 is an enterprise-level router specially designed by IP-COM for small and medium-sized enterprises. The device offers bandwidth management. In addition, it is also featured with multi-protocol VPN, multi-WAN overlay and many other enterprise functions. M30 integrates a convenient AP management system, and with APs of IP-COM, the device supports functions such as fast roaming, load balancing, and smart wireless optimization, making enterprise office networking more convenient and efficient.


Router Mode and AC Mode

It supports Router Mode and AC Mode. It can simultaneously manage 128 APs in router mode and 256 APs in AC Mode. It can automatically discover and manage IP-COM APs in the network, and perform unified configuration and management of APs.


Multiple authentication methods

It supports WEB, PPPoE, and other authentication methods to control internet access rights and ensure network security.


Efficient firewall to ensure internal and external network security

Support attack defense function, effectively resisting various common DoS attacks, DDoS attacks, ARP attacks, flooding attacks and scanning attacks.
Support IP and MAC address binding, effectively preventing ARP spoofing.
Support MAC address-based filtering to block unauthorized hosts from accessing.
Support URL filtering to prevent users from accessing risky domain names, and reduce network risks.


Ultra-small body, easy to place

Fully considering the application scenarios of various families and enterprises, the compact body design makes it easy to be placed in various information boxes and weak current boxes.


Multiple WAN ports with multiple broadband access

M30 supports up to 4 WAN ports. It can realize bandwidth stacking with 4 broadband lines, and the stacking efficiency can reach 98%. In addtition, it supports intelligent routing, automatic traffic balancing and custom traffic balancing to fully utilize bandwidth resources.


Smart bandwidth management

Smart bandwidth management: No need to set the upper bandwidth limit, you can just fill in the actual bandwidth for access. The router will perform smart bandwidth management according to the bandwidth utilization rate. When bandwidth is idle, single users are allowed to preempt bandwidth, and when bandwidth is busy, strict bandwidth control is carried out. Custom bandwidth management: Custom bandwidth management needs to set the upper limit bandwidth of a single host, and the device will carry out strict bandwidth control.

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