Ruijie Smart Managed PoE (185w) Switch 26 Gigabit 2 SFP

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Smart Managed Switch, 26 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, 2 1000M SFP ports, AC power supply, support PoE/ PoE+, PoE power budget: 185W;  Managed by Ruijie Cloud, Web-UI and CLI. Bundled with Ruijie Cloud Service lifetime license
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Easy Management

● The S1920 Series fully supports Ruijie Cloud, which is a cloud-based service that helps user deploy and manage devices and networks. Now using Ruijie Cloud mobile app, monitoring and simple maintenance job for switch can be done remotely on a cellphone. More professional operations can be done on Ruijie Cloud Website.
● Even non-technical users can do easy management for the network through a Web browser and S1920’s Web-UI.
● With RGOS’s full command line support, complex configuration and troubleshooting can be done as well.
Switches can be discovered and monitored from NMS system or other SNMP-based network tools.
Enables synchronization of time among time servers and clients, fulfill the need for clock-dependent devices in the network.
Unique Smart+ Features for CCTV
● IP cameras and NVRs will be identified by switch, and configurations like MTU, flow-control and port isolations will be deployed automatically.
With the help of Ruijie Cloud or switch’s Web-UI, PoE IP cameras can be reboot without unplugging the wire on site.
High Performance
● Instead of flooding traffic to all ports, the switch filters multicast traffic to improve network performance, especially useful for IPTV and CCTV deployment.
Supports IEEE802.1Q VLAN, providing security between device groups.
Improves the performance of large data packet transfers, supports frame size up to 9216 Bytes.
Connectivity and Resiliency
Provides fiber uplinks on all models. SFP ports are in addition to RJ45 Ethernet ports, providing higher total number of available ports.
5 PoE models provide up to 30Watt per port, which allows support of latest PoE+ capable devices such like high-performance access points and IP cameras, as well as any IEEE802.3af(PoE)-compliant powered devices.
For XS-S1920-9GT1SFP-P-E, Ports 1-8 provide PoE/PoE+. For other four 24-port PoE models, Ports 1-24 provide PoE/PoE+.
Supports IEEE802.1D(STP), IEEE802.1w(RSTP) and IEEE802.1s(MSTP) standards, provides redundant links while preventing network loops.
RLDP detects the connectivity of links, and supports the enhanced loop detection function to prevent network faults caused by devices such as Hubs.
● Compliant with IEEE802.3az standard requirements in order to save energy.


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